About Precise and Trisco Foods

The Precise brand is owned by Trisco Foods an Australian company owned and managed by the Tristram family. We have been manufacturing food and beverage products in Queensland since 1875.

At Trisco Foods, innovation is one of our core values. We saw the opportunity to develop a product that meets the needs of aged care residents diagnosed with dysphagia by giving precise control over the consistency of prepared thickened drinks, whilst being quick, easy, stress-free and economical. This led to the development of ‘Precise Thick-N INSTANT’, a liquid thickener concentrate to help those with dysphagia consume their favourite drinks.

In 2017 Trisco acquired “Enprocal”, a dietary supplement product which now forms part of the Precise range of products. “Enprocal” provides extra nutrition to assist general health and wellbeing with a focus on fighting frailty.

About Us

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Trisco Foods Pty Ltd will conduct business operations in an environmentally responsible manner. The management and staff will exercise due diligence in implementing and maintaining procedures, employing methods and technology on our sites to avoid environmental damage.

To meet these commitments, Trisco Foods Pty Ltd will:

  • Establish and implement environmental standards to meet existing regulations and any future regulatory requirements.
  • Use technology-based systems to prevent environmental damage.
  • Maintain employee awareness of the company’s environmental responsibilities and activities through staff training at induction. Copies of his policy and the management system are available in the lunchroom.
  • Support a monitoring system via Incident Reports to advise management of any incident so that measures of prevention can be implemented.

It is recognised that responsibility for environmental control rests with Trisco Foods Pty Ltd. The company relies on its people to act responsibly in performing their activities, taking into account our collective environmental obligations.

Our Solar Panel System

Our solar panel system produces up to 100kW of clean electrical energy per hour reducing our need to draw energy from the grid.