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Thick-N INSTANT Single Serve

An Easy-To-Use Liquid Thickener which provides an accurate, quick, and convenient solution to help people with dysphagia safely consume their favourite drinks.

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Precise Thick-N INSTANT is the GOLD standard for thickening beverages for people with dysphagia. Request your free product samples today.

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Liquid Thickener for Dysphagia Management

At Precise Health Ltd, our mission is to help bring families together by providing food solutions that improve the quality of life for people with dysphagia and make it easier for their carers.

Precise Thick-N INSTANT innovative liquid thickener is assisting those with dysphagia to consume their favourite beverages. This innovative liquid thickener has been welcomed by Healthcare professionals and their clients as it meets the need for a convenient and accurate way to thicken beverages to predetermined viscosities.

Innovation is one of our core values and we will continue
to provide solutions with the products we develop.

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Unique pump system delivers a Precision Dosage.


Confidence that beverages are consistently thickened to meet IDDSI levels.


The beverage takes only 30 seconds to develop to the required viscosity.


No need to measure, just follow the simple pump system guide.

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  • Victoria NadiasanClinical Manager, Forrest Hill Home & Hospital
  • Sapana Gautam PandeyActing Facility Manager, Ainsley Nursing Home
  • Jennyfer EncarnacionQuality Advisor, Aurrum Aged Care
  • Victoria NadiasanResponsabile clinico, Forrest Hill Home & Hospital
  • Sapana Gautam PandeyResponsabile della struttura ad interim, casa di cura Ainsley
  • Jennyfer EncarnacionConsulente per la qualità, Aurrum Aged Care

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